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Captain Rainbow (Wii JP 2008)

Full Italian/English Patch [ Suspended ]

Our patch is no longer in the works, but our english translation is complete, and whoever may want to use it for his own patch project can find it at this page.
For as much as we know, at the moment this project is the one that got closest to the objective of creating a playable patch using our translation.

-- All that follows is related to our old suspended project --

A mix between Captain Falcon, Yatterman and hallucinatory mushroom's effects, it's him, the fabulous Captain Rainbow!
Obviously bore from the ingenious minds of Skip, the creators of funny dream games like Chibi Robo and Giftpia, stuff for true cognoscenti.
Like in every other game by Skip, the main theme is other people' happiness. The main character is able to transform into a superhero by means of a special belt, but when he starts to become outdated, he decides to set sail for a mythical isle where dreams can -supposedly- come true. In the beginning his only purpose is to regain his old fame, but day after day, after getting acquainted with the islanders, he will forget about his regrets and realize that the important thing of being a great hero is not the fame, but helping others selflessly.

What do you need to play it:
A Wii, and the original game. Like Project Zero 4, the patch will apply in real time to the game using the application Riivolution.

Since Captain Rainbow might be too awesome to bear, this game is not recommended for the faints of heart.

Yes, it will be a patch. Not just a script, like all the other translations on this site.


Youtube Channel

Captain Rainbow 09 eng preview Captain Rainbow 21 eng preview

External staff:
This project absolutely needs external staff members, and even though some organizational problems kept it deadlocked for about one year, we're right back in action now. Might they be old or new companions, here is a list of all the brave ones who lent us a hand!

He helped the project be reborn with a phoenix down, reusing everything we made before and finishing all the pending tasks. A hacker who's lacking neither enthusiasm nor persistence. Nor weird tastes, it seems.

Aussie Ben
Thanks to his experience on the field, he provided not just great help with the english text editing, but also many cues for improvement. He could work brilliantly on any other translation, but he chose us. Don't ask us why.

Captain Rainbow's great fan, that's for sure. Very active for the english text editing, he's now eagerly waiting for the hacking to be completed. In the meantime, he trains with his yo-yo.

Yurai Namida
Some sly creep hanging around in a green thong, some say his only means of expression is by shouting out: "KUREA". Already famous as the webmaster for the main informative Italian website on the Tales of series(www.talesof.it), he's now our dialect-advisor for Hikari's speech in the Italian version. Ogg 'u sole splenn' 'ngopp' all'Isola!

No longer active
He performed some of the english text editing when this project was born. In his free time he transforms into Chopperman and he dazzles the bad guys with his sparkling eyes.

He took care of the hacking at the beginning of the project, allowing us to start translating thanks to his tools. His memory still linger within our hearts. His Afro hairstyle makes him unbeatable and indestructible.

He supported the hacking at the beginning of the project, and he never personally worked on Captain Rainbow just because he deemed it to be too absurd and freaky for any normal person. No one ever dared to say he was wrong.

A heartful thank goes as well to the creators of the application Riivolution, who allow us to create this patch the way we want!