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R: To all of you who are awaiting for an answer, check this post. Sorry for not responding to all of your messages separately!




R: Thanks, I'll spread the word.



What's going on with translating Captain Rainbow?



so, how close is this Captain Rainbow patch to being completed? Ive grown a big interest in it and its obscure characters that I feel I've got to share with lots of my friends as I have done for Dinosaur Planet.

R: I really can't say, the patch is unstable and very glitchy at the moment. In the meantime I'm playing the game and editing the translation accordingly to the context. Sorry for taking so long but hang in there.



While I know you never accomplished an actual Italian patch for Destiny2, it does seem like you managed a textdump (Which Cless has not). Perhaps you and Cless could work together to get the hacking done? I have no clue if you'd be interested nor if he would be, but it seems like the best way to get a working patch for both languages. Sorry in advance if you didn't manage a textdump so much as just went through and translated things as you went... In that case, maybe if you still had the japanese script lying around you could pass that along to him? I'm not sure if that would help either or if you've already thought of that but...

R: I fear we don't have the text dump nor the japanese script, we just made a translation based on what we saw on screen while playing (and recording) the game, so we have nothing really helpful for him. Somebody we know did try something of the sort, but ended up working on Rebirth instead (and that's how the Rebirth patch project began) because it was a simpler task. Our hope is that Destiny 2 will eventually become doable too, thanks to the knowledge acquired with Rebirth. But we really can't say.



Hi I was wondering if you were planning to release a translation of ripened tingle's balloon trip of love

R: We have no plans for that game, I'm sorry.