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GiFTPiA (GC JP 2003)

Script translation, contains all the main dialogues and many npcs and items [ Completed ]

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TXT version

#Various Places#

/Items and characters\

Kyappi: About Daddy, I wonder if he's alright.

Chibita: Adults are so mean! I want to go to the party, too.

Peevee: I have to get ready for the party!


Dave: I heard it! Tonight we'll have a big party, yes. Obviously I'll be there too!

DeeJ: I'm going to prepare a rockin' hit for tonight's party at the MaleFemale Bar, YO!

{{Empty Gem Obtainment}}

#Around Peevee's Bar#

/Items and characters\

Peevee: Little Pokkle, there you are.
Peevee: I'm exhausted after the party preparations. Give me a hand!
[Yes. Alright.][Whaaat. I don't want to.]
-> Yes. Alright.
Peevee: Good. It's essential to have a deep and strong voice to answer!
Peevee: Come inside!
Peevee: A lot of clients will come, so p-l-e-a-s-e, check the bathroom and see if everything is tidy!

#Peevee's Bar#

/Items and characters\

Spirit: Pokkle is looking at himself in the mirror.
Spirit: But he's too short for it...

(toilet paper)
Spirit: There is enough.
Spirit: Toilet paper: check completed!

Spirit: It's amazingly clean. Maybe there is no need to clean.
Spirit: Excuse us for a moment...
Spirit: Now it should be clean.
Spirit: Toilet: check completed!

Peevee: Judging from your face, I think you had no problem with it.
Peevee: If you don't clean the bathroom everyday, you're unkind vith your clients.
Peevee: Good vork.
Peevee: Soon ve'll have to take care of the others, don't you think?
Peevee: Vell, so your next task is to velcome the clients at the front door, and collect the entrance fees.
Peevee: It's 3000 Mane per person, robots included.
Peevee: Good, I'm counting on you!

#Around Peevee's Bar#


Mayer: Gosh, young Pokkle.
Mayer: You're cooperating. I admire, admire.
Mayer: Hm. Good, I'll pay.
Mayer: Here, take it.
Spirit: Pokkle received 3000 Mane!!
Anne: Pokkle, please pay for me!
[Yes. Alright!][I can't...]
-> I can't...
Anne: What! You're so stingy.
Spirit: Pokkle received 3000 Mane!!
Anne: I won't treat you to lunch anymore!
DeeJ: Just a second, Dave!
DeeJ: Ladies before gentlemen, no?
Dave: In the human world Mane has priority.
Dave: "Please. Ladies & Gentlemen."
DeeJ: Gentleman is just too much for you, YO!
Spirit: Pokkle received 3000 Mane!!
DeeJ: See you inside!
Rumiko: That was 3000 Mane, right.
Spirit: Pokkle received 3000 Mane!!
Dave: THE PIECE OF SCRAP IRON goes after ME.
Spirit: Pokkle received 3000 Mane!!
Spirit: Pokkle received 3000 Mane!!

#Peevee's Bar#


Peevee: Little Pokkle, have you collected the Mane from everyone?
Peevee: Good, come here to pay!

/Items and characters\

Peevee: You've collected Mane from all of them.
Peevee: The total is 5 millions Mane.
Peevee: It's a lie, it's a lie! 3000 Mane for each one... How much is the total anyway?
[24000 Mane][21000 Mane][18000 Mane]
-> 18000 Mane
Peevee: Count how many people are here.
Peevee: But don't count me.
Peevee: Little Pokkle, it's free for you since you lent me a hand.
Peevee: So I'm taking 18.000 Mane.
Peevee: Good, give them to me now.
Spirit: Pokkle gave 18000 Mane to Peevee.
Peevee: Thank you for your kind help.
Peevee: Have fun, please.
Peevee: Good, have fun, please.
Peevee: You should talk to everyone!

Anne: Miss Rumiko, she really cares about mister Met.
Anne: It would be nice to see them together again! If only she wasn't so stubborn!
Rumiko: Just a sec! What are you whispering about!
Rumiko: I can't stand it!
Rumiko: Peevee! Another one!
Peevee: Okay, okay... Anne, please don't provoke Rumiko...
Peevee: Here, it's ready.
Rumiko: Gwaaah.

Rumiko: Pokkle!
Rumiko: You've seen Anne's show, right? Did you see Met there, too?
[Yes. He was there.][Was he there?]
-> Yes. He was there.
Rumiko: Anne!
Rumiko: Why did you lie to me saying he wasn't there!
Anne: Eeeh, come on! I did it because you would have got really angry, miss Rumiko!
Rumiko: That way of speaking of yours! I can't stand it!
Rumiko: Peevee! Another glass!
Peevee: Ooh, scary! She's even more nervous now!
Peevee: Here, it's ready.
Rumiko: Gwaaah.

DeeJ: I'm doing my very best for not letting Dave rust with the drinks, YOU-KNOW-YO!
Dave: You can't understand the heart of a robot who meets the woman he loves.
DeeJ: Sure I know, YO!

Dave: Don't you think that this MUSIC is too right?
[Yes. You're right!][Actually, no...]
-> Yes. You're right!
Dave: YOU're beginning to know something about SOUND, too.
Dave: Great! It's rip-roaring!

Dave: Whoopsss.
Dave: This BGM is too awesome.
Dave: When the party is over you can even listen to other music with that!


Mayer: Rules, hiic... Dey'll obzerve them.
Mayer: Uiiih.
Mayer: Hiiic...
Mayer: I'm wery sarry.

Mayer: It'z pusy.

Rumiko: Mister Mayer is in the toilet...
Rumiko: Mister Mayer, well... He's always rules here and rules there, but how can you blame him, it's because he lost his wife, after all...
Anne: Eh? Whaat.
Anne: Anne didn't knoow. Tell me why, tell me.
Rumiko: Pokkle, do you want to listen too?
[Yes. I want to listen!][I don't care...]
-> Yes. I want to listen!
Rumiko: Right. It's a story from long ago, you couldn't possibly know it...
Rumiko: When Kyappi was still little...
Rumiko: It was when Kyappi was a newborn, the three of them went to the sea to have fun...


Karen: Honey! Let's dive into the sea, hurry!
Mayer: But access is forbidden there!
Karen: But it's a pointless prohibition!
Karen: Hurry, come here!
Mayer: Yeah, it's pointless! I'm coming!
Kyappi: UEEE UEEE!
Mayer: Calm down, be a good girl!
Mayer: KAREN!?
Mayer: KAREEEEEENNN... Kareeeeeennn... kareeenn...


Rumiko: Since that day mister Mayer changed deeply...
Rumiko: He blocked the streets for every tiny problem.
Rumiko: After that accident, he grew obsessed with the rules...
Mappo: UWWOOOON...
Mappo: I DIDN'T. KNOW!
Mappo: THIS IS. SO SAD!!
Anne: Anne didn't know this story! And most of all, she didn't know that Mappo likes to eavesdrop!
DeeJ: What's?! Happening! We're here for the party, YO!
DeeJ: Don't be so ceremonious and drink, YO!
Peevee: Sn-sniff... Yo-you're right.
Peevee: Good, little Pokkle. I challenge you to a milkshake battle!
Peevee: Don't answer back, let's do it!

Peevee: I challenge you to a milkshake battle!
DeeJ: And I will be the one who will drink them, COME ON YO!
Peevee: Alright!
Rumiko: Oh, a milkshake battle!
Peevee: That's right. Ve'll make milkshakes together, and then ve'll decide vhich is the best one.
Peevee: DeeJ vill drink and judge them.
Peevee: It's a fight vhere, as this bar's mom, my honor vill be staked.
Peevee: Oook, let's shake time!
Peevee: Let's begin!

"X Shakes"
"X Seconds left"
"Shake the control stick and prepare a milkshake!"

Peeve: Good, DeeJ, drink them all, please!
DeeJ: OK!
Rumiko: All in one swallow, in one swallow!
DeeJ: I'll begin with Peevee's one, NE!
DeeJ: Phhphaa.
DeeJ: This milkshake has what it takes to be a great one, properly for this bar's mom!
DeeJ: The next is Pokkle's shake, YES YO!
DeeJ: Phhphaa.
DeeJ: This has a taste like a PRO, YO!
DeeJ: But it's not decided yet, YES YO!
Peevee: Let's get to the second round! Let's shake time!
Peevee: Let's begin!

"X Shakes"
"X Seconds left"
"Shake the control stick and prepare a milkshake!"

Peeve: Good, DeeJ, drink them all, please!
DeeJ: OK!
Rumiko: All in one swallow, in one swallow!
DeeJ: I'll begin with Peevee's one, NE!
DeeJ: Phhphaa.
DeeJ: This milkshake has what it takes to be a great one, properly for this bar's mom!
DeeJ: The next is Pokkle's shake, YES YO!
DeeJ: Phhphaa.
DeeJ: This has a taste like a PRO, YO!
DeeJ: Urp, my stomach rumbles...
Peevee: Then the milkshake battle ends here!
Peevee: Goodness, I'd never have thought you could vin vith someone like me!

/Items and characters\

DeeJ: Wh-what's up.
DeeJ: D-don't talk to me now, YO!

(showing the gem to DeeJ)
Spirit: Pokkle showed "Wish Container" to DeeJ.
DeeJ: I-I want to go to the bathroom...
DeeJ: Mister Mayer, hurry and leave the bathroom!
Spirit: Pokkle learned the wish "I want to go to the bathroom!"
Spirit: The Wish Gem has been filled with a wish.
DeeJ: Pokkle!? How did you know I wanted to go to the bathroom, YO!
DeeJ: It's embarassing, don't tell the others, YO!
DeeJ: I'll be at my limit soon!! Open the door, I don't care if you knock it down!!

Spirit: No answer...
[Knock with more strength.][Leave it be.]
-> Knock with more strength.
Spirit: Press A repeatedly.
"Button A X times"

(if you don't press A enough times)
Spirit: You failed.


DeeJ: The bathroom door gave up, YO!!
Peevee: Kyaah, vhat are you doiiiiiing!!
DeeJ: Hurraaaay! Pokkle, thank you!
Spirit: Pokkle granted the wish "I want to go to the bathroom!"
Spirit: The Wish Gem turned into a "Fulfillment Gem"!!
Spirit: Hurray, Pokkle!!
Dave: Fancy that, DeeJ, are you worrying so much about little Mayer?

Mayer: Brr brr brr brr...
[You drank too much!][Are you alright?]
-> Are you alright?
Mayer: Mirmir, mirmir, mirmir...
[Mir? There aren't any mires.][Mir? Mirror?]
-> Mir? Mirror?
Mayer: Mirmir, mirmir, mirmir...
Mayer: Th-there was mister Madross in the mirror!!
Peevee: Vas that scream from Mrs Apron!?
Rumiko: Quick, to the Kitchen!

#Around Apron's House#


Mayer: It came from the Kitchen!
Mayer: Come with us, young Pokkle!!

Peevee: Kyaaah! It's Apron's corpse!
Mappo: IT'S. A MURDER!!
Mayer: W-we can't jump to conclusions.
Anne: Anne and the others have an alibi!
Peevee: Right! The killer is someone vho are not vith us!
Rumiko: ...
Rumiko: But what's the murder weapon? I can't see any blood.
Mayer: C, CA, CALM DOWN!
Mayer: Young Mappo! The corpse... No, wait.
Mappo: C-check Mrs Apron!
Mappo: ROGER. SIR!
Mappo: S, SHE. MOVED!!
Peevee: Th-the corpse moved!
Anne: But if it moves it's not a corpse!
Peevee: Indeed, it's a zombie. A zombie. One of the living dead!!
Mayer: Young Mappo, young Mappo!
Mayer: Have you... broken?

/Items and characters\

(going away)
Mayer: Young Pokkle!
Mayer: You can't leave the crime scene.

Rumiko: It's terrible, she dropped dead!

Peevee: Mappo is scared shitless, please, do something, Pokkle!
Peevee: Come on! You're a boy, aren't you!

Anne: Hey, Pokkle, what do you think about giving a kiss to Mrs Apron?
Anne: Wouldn't be romantic to wake up with a kiss!
Mayer: Kiki, kiki, kiiss!! A child shouldn't do that!
Anne: Oh come on, how boooring.
Mayer: Maybe she's been cursed by Madross...
Anne: Oh no! Don't say such a strange thing...

Mayer: Hmmm. If she moved then she's still alive...
Mayer: Young Pokkle, please, check her conditions.

Mappo: Br, br, brr, brr, brr, brr...

Peevee: Pokkle, pay attention! If she bites you, you'll become a zombie too!
Pokkle: .....
[Wake her up.][Laugh.][Leave her be.]
-> Wake her up.
Apron: Uh, uuhm.


Anne: Mrs Apron!!
Rumiko: Oh! She's alive?
Mayer: Thank goodness! She was still alive!
Peevee: But vhat happened!!
Apron: Something... There was something in the courtyard...
Mayer: I-I-I-I-I knew it!!
Mayer: It was Madross!! I told you.
Apron: Ma-Madross!?
Apron: Uuuuuhm.
Anne: She fell again...
Anne: Mister Madross was Mrs Apron's husband and disappeared in the sea, right?
Mayer: Exactly! And he returned as a ghost.
Rumiko: She, she woke up!
Mayer: Young Mappo! Don't stay broken like that, begin Madross' researches!
Mappo: ROGER. SIR!
Apron: Right. He can't be here. Don't give me more scares.
Mayer: We didn't intend to do it.
Mayer: Now he's not here, but he was here before for sure!
Peevee: Mister Mayer, you're vorrying too much...
Mayer: I-it's not because I drank too much.
Anne: But it would be so romantic...!
Anne: Mister Madross who comes to see Mrs Apron as a ghost!
Apron: It's true! It would be so beautiful if that happened.
Rumiko: Mrs Apron, go take a rest at home.
Apron: My backside hurts, but it's due to the fall for sure.
Mayer: Ahem!
Mayer: Eh! Everyone gathered here.
Mayer: We'll continue the researches so as to not leave this case unsolved, so that the inhabitants can be calm!
Mayer: Don't remain here tonight, go back home!
Peevee: Right. The party vill disperse!
Anne: oh come on. Well, let's go home.
Rumiko: Ahah, we'll be back to work tomorrow.

* The last word in japanese was similar to the others, but with a different meaning

#Nanashi Square#

/Items and characters\

Kyappi: Pokkle, you went to the party at the bar, didn't you?
Kyappi: You had a lot of fun, didn't you?
[Yes. I had fun!][But without you, Kyappi...]
-> But without you, Kyappi...
Kyappi: I knew it! I can't wait to go with you to the back of the island!
Kyappi: However,
Kyappi: I heard from daddy that Mrs Apron fainted...
Kyappi: Is she alright?

{{2 Empty Gems Obtainment}}

#Apron's House#

/Items and characters\

Anne: Mrs Apron is sleeping in her room.
Anne: I don't know why, but the electrical current is disturbed in the Kitchen. The lights are turned on even in daylight.
Anne: Pokkle, if you should disappear, come back to see me.

Apron: Uhmmm, hmmm, Madross...

/Dialogue\ (turning off the lights after midnight)

Madross: Yo, Pokkle. You've grown so much!
Madross: Whoops, you don't remember me?
Madross: You was still a kid, you even had not your hairs!
Madross: I am Madross. Nice to meet you!
Madross: You leave for the sea for some time, and the island becomes totally different.
Madross: I feel like Taro Urashima from the famous tale.
Madross: Anyway, my sweet Apron...

(Note: Taro Urashima is the main character of a famous japanese tale.
It tells the story of a young fisherman who ends up in a kingdom under the sea where a minute equals to 10 years in the human world.)

/Items and characters\

Madross: Kyappi, mister Mayer's daughter, she should be very cute now!
Madross: Tell me, do you two get along?
[Yes. We get along!][Actually...]
-> Yes. We get along!
Madross: I see! How great!
Madross: I like men who can make women happy.
Madross: I still have a long way to go!
Madross: Become tough while cultivating this Spirit!
Madross: But why Apron is not here?
Madross: To think how much I like her Nanashi potato stew.

(showing an empty gem to Madross)
Spirit: Pokkle showed "Wish Container" to Madross.
Madross: I want to meet Apron. What should I do...
Spirit: Pokkle learned the wish "I want to meet Apron".
Spirit: The Wish Gem has been filled with a wish.
Madross: Pokkle! You will make us meet?
Madross: While I was away at sea you've become quite diligent.
Madross: Great! I leave it to you!

(showing the gem to Apron)
Spirit: Pokkle showed the wish "I want to meet Apron" to Apron.
Apron: Madross...? Madross wants to see me!?
Apron: I would want to meet him too, if I could...

(showing an empty gem to Apron)
Spirit: Pokkle showed "Wish Container" to Apron.
Apron: Please... Please... Let me see him again... Let me see Madross again.
Spirit: Pokkle learned the wish "Let me see him again".
Spirit: The Wish Gem has been filled with a wish.
Apron: Eh!?
Apron: Pokkle, you will help me meet Madross?
Apron: But he's dead...
Apron: Thank you anyway for your kindness.
Apron: Well, I'll continue to pray, call me immediately when I can see him again.
Apron: Oh goodness, he's here?
[Yes. He's here!][Not yet...]
-> Yes. He's here!
Apron: Eh? He's in the Kitchen now?
Apron: Oh, no, what should I do...
Apron: I can't meet him with this face, wait just 2 hours, I'll make up myself just a bit.
Apron: Done.
Apron: Where's Madross?
Apron: M-MADROSS!!
Madross: MY HONEY!
Apron: Madross!!
Apron: Yes, me too... I wanted to see you again so, so much...
Apron: Pokkle... I would never thought to be able to really see him again...
Apron: Thank you, thank you so much...
Madross: Pokkle! You've done what I asked you.
Madross: Thank you for fulfilling a promise like a man!
Spirit: Pokkle granted the wish "Let me see him again"!
Spirit: The Wish Gem turned into a "Fulfillment Gem"!!
Spirit: Pokkle granted the wish "I want to meet Apron"!
Spirit: The Wish Gem turned into a "Fulfillment Gem"!!
Fairy: The "Fulfillment Gems" have started to glow! I think you'd better go and offer them to the Little Temple.
Spirit: Hurray, Pokkle!!


Madross: While I was riding the waves of Eastern Nashi Sea, I thought back to our wedding anniversary, and I came back with breathless haste.
Madross: Here, it's for you.
Madross: It really suits you, as I thought...
Apron: Uh, uuh...
Madross: Don't cry, honey.
Madross: I've not come back to make you cry.
Madross: Come on... Maybe it has a bad smell, but all these tears...
Madross: Hey hey... Forgive me. The Nanashi lighthouse is broken and it took time to come back...
Madross: But from now on, every day will be our anniversary.
Madross: I won't let you sleep tonight!
Apron: Damn you, Madross...
Madross: Honey Bunny!
Madross: You're even prettier when you smile!
Madross: Now that you smiled again, I could taste my sweet honey again after all this time!
Apron: Forgive me if it will be frugal...
Madross: Obviously I want your Nanashi potato stew!
Apron: Hoping this day would come, I began to cultivate them in the garden.
Apron: If you can wait a second, I'll make it instantly.
Madross: Hey you, Pokkle.
Madross: Thank you for this night.
Madross: I'm sorry, but we have to close the shop.
Madross: I've fully booked it for tonight!

#Little Temple#

/Items and characters\

Fairy: Offer the "Fulfillment Gems".

(offering one of them)
Spirit: Pokkle showed 5 "Fulfillment Gems" to Tenjin's statue.
Spirit: Gee-whiz... You've applied yourself.


Fairy: Pokkle, we meet again...
Fairy: It's me. Me, the Fairy...
Fairy: Good news today.
Fairy: You come closer to being an adult, Pokkle.
Fairy: Yes, from a "Brat", you become a...
Fairy: "Little Guy".
Fairy: From now on, you'll be able to stay awake until 8 o'clock in the morning, without being put to sleep by the Sleep Fairy.
Fairy: By the way...
Fairy: I wonder if humanity is human?
Fairy: The Fairy will always watch over you.
Fairy: Goodbye, until the day we meet again...