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Nettou Golf (Dreamcast JP 2000)

Translation of the main game screens [ Completed ]

Main menu and options
Access to a tournament

At the direct request of an avid gamer that happened to visit our site, we have created a short translation for the main screens of this sport gem forgot by time and never known by the west, to make it much easier to start a game and grind lots of tournaments.
Besides, the aforementioned gamer, whose name goes by Gallospacca, has also offered to provide the images you can find in this section, so it's thanks to him that you too will be able to enjoy it!
I don't need to say more about the game, because at the end of the page you will also find a full review he prepared, hurry up and read it!

What you need to play it:
A Dreamcast, unsurprisingly.

Not all the game text is translated. The images only serve as examples.

If I am not mistaken, the Dreamcast offers little room for the realization of patches, so in this case it is very unlikely.

Subsequent adds:

External staff:
Gallospacca has done pretty much everything! Here is his review:

Developed by Data East and released by Sega (only in Japan) in 2000, Nettou Golf was the first golf game on console to allow online play.

Despite the nice and comic-like appearance it's a pretty demanding game, winning every tournament requires a lot of time and training, the reactions of the ball to the different terrains or wind are well represented, and every wrong or inaccurate shot can end in a bogey or worse (especially if the ball lands in the rough or in a bunker).

Graphics: Without a doubt one of the best games for Dreamcast, wonderful colors, the clean visual and the 60 frames per second make it very pleasing to the eye, the characters (in anime style) are all very nice and well animated, the courses are full of little touches of class such as birds, butterflies or pelicans who flee when the ball is approaching, and if we think that back in 2000 all of this was even online, you can tell the programmers did a great job.

Sound: Music reminds the typical Data East style (those who loved Neo Turf Master will feel at home), very catchy and suitable for the various locations or the menus, there is a really well done voice-over welcoming us at each hole and praising the best shots (the “sugooooi” in case of a long putt is wonderful), and you can hear the voices of all the playable characters after each shot and at the end of the hole... all really well done and clear.

Playability: The control system is very well done, camera, clubs mangement and special shots are great, but the most satisfaction comes from the swing: to perform a shot (after selecting the bat, checking the wind, etc..) just hold down the analog stick, and then once you reach the power your shot should have, just release the analog stick. It may seems easy or even simplistic, but just be a little inaccurate in moving the stick, and you will badly hit the ball, completely ruining the shot (just before the shot starts we are allowed to try to manually aim the ball in case it was a little inaccurate). It's easier to show it than to explain it, and if you leave the game be while in the title screen for a few seconds, a video that clearly shows all the controls starts playing, they're easy to learn but difficult to master... very satisfying!

Longevity: Unfortunately, there are only 4 courses (for a total of 72 holes) but it still offers a good variety and the last course is a real challenge, also with multiplayer it is virtually endless.

Final Comment: Definitely the best golf game for Dreamcast ... the only rivals, the two Golf Shiyouyo (or Tee Off Golf) are much lower in all aspects, but also, outside the Dreamcast world, Nettou Golf can entertain like the most famous “not boring golf games” (first of all Mario Golf for Nintendo 64). Maybe it's the classic Data East atmosphere (now long gone) or the “videogames you don't see around anymore” feeling, whatever the reason Nettou Golf is a title that every Dreamcast owner should have, and for the true golf games lovers could be even worth buying a Dreamcast specifically for this game (considering the current low cost on the Internet).