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Tales of Rebirth (PS2 JP 2004 - PSP JP 2008)

Multilanguage Full Patch [ Ongoing ]

This page is just for reference, because even though Kirameki is an active part of the project, we're working only on the italian version of the patch.
We're not working on the english version. Others are doing that. We work just on the italian version.
Make sure to get it. You can thank the people working on the english version on the project website, the link is just below.

One of the best episodes of the Tales of series, which is finally getting what it deserves: a full translation, for both the versions of the game, and what's more, in various european languages.
It's not Kirameki who started the project, we're just collaborating to get an italian version of the patch.

The game is the best you can imagine: a very good story, one of the most appreciated of the series, great characters, a captivating and well aged gameplay (it would be perfect for 3DS).
Tales of Rebirth is set in a world where Huma (normal humans) and Gajuma (beast-humans) live in armony, but where, due to some mysterious events, all of a sudden latent elemental powers have awakened in many people. Not being able to control them at first, that day many tragic accidents happen, like the evocation of a very thick ice by Veigue which traps his most beloved person, Claire.
One year later, Eugene and Mao visit that village searching for other "Force" users, and Mao is able to free Claire with his Force of Fire. But soon after they lose Claire again, kidnapped without reason by the armed forces of the reign. Then Veigue join the journey of his two fellows, former members of the armed forces and already aiming to understand both the origin of their powers and these mysterious behaviours.

What do you need to play it:
The patch should be applied to a virtual copy of the PS2 game or the PSP version, get them somewhere else. Obviously you will need a way to play this modified virtual copy.

Website of the Project:
The project is so relevant it needs its own website:
Tales of Rebirth Translation Patch
Inside you can find previews, downloads (when the patch is ready) and any other information about the amazing guys working on it.
Don't browse it with Internet Explorer, please. I created a graphic style that resembles the game menus, but IE doesn't support it.


Old Project: Translation of the Feather Force subquest (one of the longest in the game), various skits about the library and a dialogue about the new weapons in Balka

We're sorry, but this translation is available in Italian only, at the moment.