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Heya! I wish you luck with all your projects, you're all awesome!

R: Many thanks!



Hey! When the translation comes out, do you know if the Japanese save file will become a problem for all my american games? I know that on the gamecube, A second memory card for japanese games is recommended, is there any such issue with the wii?

R: Yeah, it was an annoying matter on the gamecube, I had to buy and use a separate memory card for all my japanese games, to avoid all the risks.
Luckily though, the wii doesn't care a bit, and you can have all the saves you want even if of different regions. I already have lots of japanese saves among my other normal ones, including Captain Rainbow, and everything is fine. You can even have multiple saves for the same game, one for every region, the wii allows it without problem.



Happy New Year! Hope you are all well, thanks for all the work you have put into the CR translation, looking forward to seeing it once complete. Good luck for 2014.

R: Thanks!
That's the same thing I said to myself at the beginning of the year, I'd love to complete everything as soon as possible too, so good luck to me and the others for this 2014!
Happy new year to you all!



Hi! Can you give us any details on what's currently going on with Captain Rainbow? Any news is good news, especially so close to Christmas!

Consider a reply a gift to all the fans, eh?

R: I had that intention from the beginning, and I tried to make it as interesting as possible given the things I had ready to show.
I hope you'll like the new post (on G+ and Fb)!



This is some kind of nice piece of psycholedic website background :)

R: It was meant to be temporary, but I eventually grew fond of it.
Attention: staring deeply at it may cause headaches or brief travels to alternate dimensions.