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GiFTPiA (GC JP 2003)

Script translation, contains all the main dialogues and many npcs and items [ Completed ]

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This is an old great gem, for those who have a good taste and unknown for the most of the people, the bizarre GiFTPiA!
It's a very original and interesting game, similar to other Skip products (Chibi Robo, Captain Rainbow..).
The story is about a little kid who misses his "ritual of the coming to adulthood", a traditional ceremony on the island he lives on, and thus, he has to earn the money to pay for a new ritual as punishment. He can sell fish, fruit, or do part-time jobs to accomplish this. As the game progresses, he grows, and can stay awake for longer periods of time, increasing the exploration of the island.
The important events begin after he meets a fairy, who makes him able to retrieve special gems and to perceive other people's wishes. By granting those wishes he will have a inner growth, and so the real coming of age will happen during all his adventure.
Besides, his destiny will become one with the island's, and he will soon have to deal with the puppy of the god of the island...

What you need to play it:
A japanese GameCube or a freeloader to be able to play japanese games on non-japanese consoles. Be aware, some japanese games can't be saved together with non-japanese ones in the same memory card, and we don't know if Giftpia is one of them.

Sadly, with non-japanese consoles it doesn't display kanjis. But do you really care with a translation right here?

No patch. If you're a hacker and want to do it, contact us.

Subsequent adds:

External staff:
John N. Tieman
On a neverending quest for the weird, John discovered the hidden and bizarre worlds of Skip and Punchline games. Games like Chulip and Chibi Robo were revelations into the true potential of what videogames can be, humor, depth, darkness, artfulness and weirdness. When he discovered people were hard at work translating games like Captain Rainbow and Giftpia, he wanted to be a part of it, too.