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Poll for the next translations

To test the players' interest, we have devised a poll where you'll be able to vote for the game you'd love to see translated the most (given it is included in the list).
The game's ranking doesn't ensure its translation, but we'll certainly take that into consideration while selecting the next upcoming translation projects.
To any of the smart guys out there trying to double-vote any of the titles: I'd like to inform you I've created a nice little program that helps me finding out and deleting any multiple votes coming from the same person. This is not included in this page, so it's not automatic, but I will search for them periodically, so you can restrain from doing so.
Anyway, multiple votes get deleted only when they are given to the same title.
This means you can vote two or more games, if you wish so.
Which game you would love to seen translated the most? - Voting Script 1.9.1

Which game you would love to seen translated the most?

  12Riven (pc)
  428 (wii)
  Arcturus (pc)
  Berserk (ps2)
  Dragon Shadow Spell (ps2)
  Endonesia (ps2)
  Ganbare Goemon (ds)
  Growlanser (psp) [patch]
  Growlanser 4 (ps2)
  Hiiro no Kakera (ps2/ds)
  Kaitou Rousseau (ds)
  Kimi no Yuusha (ds)
  Madou Monogatari (sat)
  Magical Vacation (gba)
  Marvelous: Mouhitotsu no Takarajima (snes)
  Okaeri! Chibi-Robo! Happy Richie Oosouji (ds)
  Project Hacker (ds)
  Sigma Harmonics (ds)
  Slayers Royal (ps1)
  Tales of Destiny remake (ps2)
  Tales of the Tempest (ds) [patch]
  Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 (psp)
  Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 (psp)
  TearRing Saga Series: Berwick Saga (ps2)
  Tomato Adventure (gba)
  Ururun Quest: Koiyuuki (ps2)
  Vampire Knight (ds)
  Violet no Atelier (ps2)
  Vitamin X Evolution (ds)
  [Ita->Eng] Takt of Magic (wii)
  [Ita->Eng] Tales of Destiny 2 (ps2)

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Some notes: in the last poll update, we carefully reconsidered the games already included and we decided to remove some of them which didn't meet perfectly the tastes of both of us, even though they were surely interesting. Among them we have Farland Saga, Kenka Banchou, the two Tengai Makyou, Zill Oll Infinite, two lovedelic games like L.O.L. and UFO, and at last the beloved Tingle. We're sorry to disappoint you, if you were hoping to see them translated by us.

Other titles instead were removed because we made sure that, for now at least, other people are fruitfully working on their translations. I'm referring to Moon: Remix RPG Adventure (EsperKnight, our hacker for Captain Rainbow, is in the project), Segagaga, Tales of Hearts and TearRing Saga. Obviously, should these projects fail in the end, we'll reconsider the games.

Finally, the new entries: Endonesia, Kaitou Rousseau, Kimi no Yuusha, Magical Vacation, Tales of the Tempest (patch), the third Tales of the World, Vampire Knight and the re-translation of Takt of Magic from italian. Also, Growlanser is here again, but as a patch.
It's clearly written [patch] at the side of the games that already have a textual translation, created by other people.
Due to the many differences we decided to restart the poll, but we'll keep the old results as a reference.
Let us know your new preferences!