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Team Kirameki, Japanese only games fan translators

Team members: Seles and LucaLink

(Thanks to Tonitonichopchop and LeonardoGolden for the help with the english site!)

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Welcome to Kirameki!
We're a couple, we love searching and enjoying every masterpiece gaming has to offer on every console or market it might come on. We're dreaming of a world where every great title might be enjoyed by everyone.
A far-fetched dream for sure, but at least we're working to improve the current situation, little by little. Assuming English is not a problem for most of the players all over the world, there is still a big problem with Japanese, very graceful and very complicated. Many wonderful games are still Japanese-only, and if the texts are important, most non-Japanese speaking players give up trying them.
Since I am personally one of them, and since we've already had in mind some Japanese games for a "real-time" translation, we thought about sharing our works publicly for everyone's sake. Seles was able to provide an awesome job with translation, both for quality and speed, and after a vocabulary/syntax/consistency review, everything was eventually finished with a precise schematization. Afterwards, I created this site, along with some helping from Yurai and Seles on the graphic side, to offer a clearly understandable platform for our works.
And this was just the beginning of it all. We've really enjoyed ourselves, both with the translation, both with the site creation.
In short, I really hope this will be useful to you all, and if you're willing to lend a hand or anything, please feel free to contact us anytime ^^

We don't know about any a lot of Japanese only games, therefore, if you would love to have something translated, but you can't see it in the poll, you can suggest it to us through this enquiry form. Feel free to suggest us just about any title you can think of. We will thereby take notifications and will evaluate your request.
Furthermore, since we are not paid for our services, we will solely translate, and add in the poll, only those games which gained our interest as well.

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----Latest News!----

And suddenly... Nettou Golf!

A new, quick translation: a great, funny, 100% japanese golf game published long ago on dreamcast, Nettou Golf!
You can find the link in the list on the left, take a look at its page!


Follow our news on Google+ or Facebook!

Since the time I created our social network pages I neglected this space, and I posted all our news there. I like to write there more, and I'll try to add a new widget to this site, to show at least a trace of what's going on on those pages, but for the time being, to anyone thinking we're dead because we don't write anything since last april, please follow us on those pages! The links are up above on this page. Thanks!


Want to be more in contact with us? Google+ Page!

I'm not really used to social networks, they tend to absorb too much time and I always have so many other things to do, but here is a first attempt.

Kirameki on Google+

In this past time I often wanted to tell you all something, random thoughts not really important but a little interesting, but I believe the homepage on the site should be used just for important announcements, and the comment section is just for answers. This new space should be right what I needed to speak to you more freely.
So, if you want to stay better in touch with us, that's your place. Hope to see you all there!


Captain Rainbow text translation completed!

The english translation of the game text is now 100% complete. There are particular codes (like the ones to set the text color) that still need some fixing, but we're ready to begin the testing.
Considering all the required checks and finishing touches, and the efforts of other collaborators who obviously can have busy days anytime, I don't feel I can promise a close release date. For now, I'd like to play it safe and aim at a release just before christmas. I could easily be wrong, and have everything ready way before that date, but look at that as the official release date.
Please consider that even though the project began long ago, the hacking restarted from scratch thanks to EsperKnight just the last summer, also involving a heavy revision of the texts already translated, and therefore the elapse would be around 18 months, which is not a big amount of time when talking about translation patches created in the free time.

Thanks for your understanding, and keep following us: soon the preview images and videos should increase!


New Youtube Channel

When I started making video trailers of the translation patch, I underestimated the importance of the whole channel thing. I just uploaded the videos on the first account I had in my hands at the moment, to just show them on the website. But then lots of people began subscribing to it, and I regretted doing it so carelessly.
Oh well.
Now, this will be our Official Youtube Channel.
If you subscribed to the first channel (thanks for doing it!) please unsubscribe and subscribe to this new channel! Thanks!