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Team Kirameki, Japanese only games fan translators

Team members: Seles and LucaLink

(Thanks to Tonitonichopchop and LeonardoGolden for the help with the english site!)

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Welcome to Kirameki!
We're a couple, we love searching and enjoying every masterpiece gaming has to offer on every console or market it might come on. We're dreaming of a world where every great title might be enjoyed by everyone.
A far-fetched dream for sure, but at least we're working to improve the current situation, little by little. Assuming English is not a problem for most of the players all over the world, there is still a big problem with Japanese, very graceful and very complicated. Many wonderful games are still Japanese-only, and if the texts are important, most non-Japanese speaking players give up trying them.
Since I am personally one of them, and since we've already had in mind some Japanese games for a "real-time" translation, we thought about sharing our works publicly for everyone's sake. Seles was able to provide an awesome job with translation, both for quality and speed, and after a vocabulary/syntax/consistency review, everything was eventually finished with a precise schematization. Afterwards, I created this site, along with some helping from Yurai and Seles on the graphic side, to offer a clearly understandable platform for our works.
And this was just the beginning of it all. We've really enjoyed ourselves, both with the translation, both with the site creation.
In short, I really hope this will be useful to you all, and if you're willing to lend a hand or anything, please feel free to contact us anytime ^^

We don't know about any a lot of Japanese only games, therefore, if you would love to have something translated, but you can't see it in the poll, you can suggest it to us through this enquiry form. Feel free to suggest us just about any title you can think of. We will thereby take notifications and will evaluate your request.
Furthermore, since we are not paid for our services, we will solely translate, and add in the poll, only those games which gained our interest as well.

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----Latest News!----

Captain Rainbow - Video trailer 2

Another trailer for our beloved colourful captain, enjoy!
It took some time to regain the control of the project. We did a lot of the translations a long time ago, as you should know, but then we had to search for a new hacker and convert them all in a new format, and that was not a simple thing. Also, we discovered that the raw text we translated the first time was missing a lot of sentences, so we had a lot of 'blank holes' in the translation parts. And with the hacking still advancing and getting more accurate, this happened again. These problems can take quite some time to resolve. We still have some things to set, but soon we should be able to begin the translation of the last part of the game (which is huge, but should contains lots of already translated text) and start the testing phase.
A patch is way more difficult and long than a textual translation, but we're getting there.

Bye for now!


Poll restarted!

After the last events, now you can vote again your favourite games in our poll.
Some games were added, and some games were removed: a note below the poll will explain the reasons behind these changes. I know the removed games will disappoint many of you, but it had to be done. Now the poll options fit better our personal preferences.
Since the changes were many, we decided to completely restart the vote count, but we'll keep the old results as a reference.

Thanks for your participation in the previous poll, and welcome to the new one!


Tales of Rebirth Patch!

Ahh, this game is marvelous. It deserves all the work we're doing on it.
Actually you shouldn't thank us for this, because we are just collaborators, and we are working only on the italian version.
Yes, we're working on the Italian version only, but the rest of the team is working as well on the English, French and Spanish versions.
So, this is just a reference for their work.
The english patch has been already announced on Namco forum a while ago, the big news here is that it's not just an english project, but an European Project!

Check everything you should know about it on the ToR page, and on the project site. Yes, this project has a website on its own, I hope you like it ^^

Have a nice holyday!


Christmas Announcement

I said it already, but long ago we started working on a semi-secret project, along with the others, and due to various delays in the preparation we still can't tell anything yet. For the same reason, we postponed the release of the new poll.
But all of this will finally happen around Christmas, so stay tuned. It's a really majestic project.

I'll take advantage of this post to say that works on Captain Rainbow are proceeding normally, most of the time, and that even Takt of Magic is calmly going forward, if you're interested in the Italian translation.

See you soon!


New video trailer for Captain Rainbow

Enjoy the new video in the Captain Rainbow page.
A bit short, but I didn't want to show too much of each part of the game, it's just a trailer.
If you see some crappy english, don't mind it, it'll be fixed. Same thing for the translation of generic words like "yes" and "no".
Bye for now!